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How to Reserve and Purchase Our Spirits

By Jeff Olson

You may have noticed on our website that there’s an emphasis on current and upcoming limited releases. I wanted to explain a little more about why this is, and what you can expect from Awildan single malt in the future.

When I tell people about starting a whiskey-focused distillery, the number one question I get is “how long are you going to age your whiskey?” The answer is… as long as it takes. Making single malt whiskey is why I started Awildan, and the first bottles that bear the name Awildan Whiskey will have the flavor profile I’ve envisioned. There are so many factors to consider, it’s definitely a wait-and-see scenario. I’m very excited to be experimenting with different barrel sizes (mainly 53 and 30 gallon), previous fills (most of our casks are first fill ex-bourbon), starting proof, etc. There may be a few “progress report” releases along the way, but I promise that the whiskey will be worth the wait.

In order to provide spirit releases while we’re waiting for our whiskey to mature, we’ve adopted a subscription approach to engaging with fellow imbibers who are interested in trying unique, historically-inspired, and/or location-inspired spirits. Starting 2023, Awildan will release a new spirit quarterly. Like your favorite subscription boxes, these releases will be something new, limited in number, and once they are gone, might not ever be made again. Typically, most beverage producers have a core range, or flagship line that is available year round, and perhaps have small batch or seasonal offerings throughout the year. At this stage for Awildan, we are more interested in pushing boundaries and exploring what is possible than keeping a limited number of products stocked on store shelves.

Unlike your favorite subscription box, I can’t mail you your bottles. In Wisconsin, it is not legal to ship spirits directly to customers, so we cannot mail spirit subscriptions at this time. All 2022 releases as well as 2023 quarterly releases will follow the reserve online, pick up in-store model. For now, the pick up location is the distillery, but eventually I’d like to build a network of liquor stores willing to be “site hosts” so that people can select the location most convenient for them to pick up and pay for their release bottles. I’m very excited to see where this approach will lead, and to explore many styles of spirits with you!

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Spirit made from malted barley, and distilled in a traditional copper pot still. Aged more than 18 months in ex-bourbon casks and bottled at cask strength.

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