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Awildan Distilling

New Spirit Release: Barreled Genever

By Jeff Olson

Awildan Distilling will release our first aged spirit– a barreled version of our Genever. The release event is scheduled for April 22nd, 2023 and will also feature a Canadian-Style Spruce Tip beer brewed in collaboration with Giant Jones Brewing Company, music by folk musician Andreas TransØ, and food from Melted Craft Grilled Cheese food truck. Giant Jones will be onsite from 12-4pm, Melted will be serving food from 12-3pm, and Andreas TransØ will perform from 4-6pm.

What is a barreled Genever you ask? We put our Genever in an ex-bourbon cask for over 10 months. The result is a truly unique spirit where the single malt whiskey base spirit shines through, with additional sweetness from the white oak barrel. Juniper, floral notes, and orange citrus sit atop, lending complexity that continues long into the finish. Needless to say, this spirit pushes the boundaries of what a botanical spirit and whiskey hybrid can be. 

If you’ve stopped by the distillery, you may have heard me mention single malt whiskey a few times. My first serious exploration of the world of distilled spirits centered on Scottish single malt whisky, and my passion for it prompted my pursuit of opening my own distillery. One of the hardest parts about opening a distillery focused on whiskey production is waiting for the whiskey to mature. At Awildan, it’s 3-5 years minimum depending on the cooperage. With releases like this Barreled Genever, and the Progress Report whiskey being released in November 2023, I’m excited to give people a preview of what Awildan Distilling is all about.

A word about the collaboration beer brewed by Giant Jones Brewing Company – I have been a fan of Giant Jones since they opened in 2018. If you are unfamiliar with the brewery, they are known for brewing big ABV beers with bold but exceptionally balanced flavors. I also appreciate their exploration of historic beer styles and brewing techniques. They are also Wisconisn’s only certified organic brewery. On top of that, Jessica and Erika Jones are incredible people. For these reasons, I was excited that they were up for a collaboration with Awildan. Jessica had the idea of doing a spruce tip beer as a way to introduce some piney, earthy flavors into the beer to compliment the tasting notes of the Barreled Genever. The beer was brewed without hops, so the spruce tips carry all the flavor addition load. The resulting beer is totally unique and an excellent companion to the Barreled Genever.